Business Services

Business services

Business services are a class of service that support the operations of other businesses (B2B) or end consumers (B2C). These intangible services range from outsourcing to managing specific tasks within an organization. These business services can help an organization save time and money by focusing on core business operations. They can also free up more time to invest in a company’s strategic-based internal goals. With the recent boom in technology and digitalization, new startup companies have emerged that provide innovative and flexible business solutions. These companies are leveraging technological solutions and infrastructures to deliver efficient and customizable business services at competitive prices.

Unlike products, which are stored in inventory and delivered to the consumer upon demand, services are delivered as soon as they are needed. This is due to the fact that they require active engagement from the client. For instance, a doctor will continue to provide medical services until the patient is satisfied. Similarly, a cleaning service will continue to clean the building until it has reached its desired state.

A successful business service is one that delivers more value to the customer than its cost. This is achieved by defining the customer value proposition, understanding the service environment and designing the system of actions. The process is iterative and requires continuous improvements to ensure that the business service is providing the expected value.

To monitor the performance of a business service, you can use the BMC Helix Capacity Optimization application. This tool allows you to map a business service to its underlying IT infrastructure. This mapping provides visibility into the relationships between the IT services that depend on a given business service and helps you to identify potential bottlenecks.

The different types of business services include contract manufacturing, consulting, professional services, and outsourcing. Outsourcing is a type of business service that delivers entire business processes, capabilities, programs, projects or work products to the customer. Consulting is a business service that provides advice and/or labor for a fee. Professional services are similar to consulting but have a greater level of responsibility and may include legal advice, medical care, and financial services.

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