Daily News Podcast

News is about events that happen during the day, whether they be political, social, or economic. News can also be about sports, weather, or entertainment. Regardless of what type of news is being reported, it must be accurate and fair. In addition, the information should be presented in a way that makes sense to the audience.

A daily news podcast is a brief audio summary of the most important news and developments from that day. This type of podcast is often a good choice for students who are looking for concise, accurate news and information. Using a newscast can help students build their listening skills while at the same time learning how to analyze and synthesize information from multiple sources.

There is no one-size-fits all format for a daily news podcast, and many publishers are trialling new approaches to this genre. Some are experimenting with length, with some opting for longer episodes that showcase hosts and build audience relationships, while others, such as microbulletins or news rounds-ups, are more focused on efficiency and delivering news and key developments in as short a time as possible. There is also no consensus about how to present these shows, with some choosing to have a single host while others, particularly for aggregation services, are using a voice that best reflects their brand and aims.

For example, The Times’ daily news podcast, Today in Focus, is hosted by former BBC journalist Manveen Rana, who brings a strong reputation for impartiality and thorough journalism to the show. It is produced by Wireless Group, which operates Talk Radio in the UK, and is owned by The Times’ parent company News Corp. The podcast is a clear signal of the importance of daily news in The Times’ strategy and its willingness to invest in the medium.

While a handful of podcasts are currently available in Denmark and Sweden, their supply is expected to expand rapidly, helped by the launch of local platforms by Apple and Spotify. In France and Australia, leading public broadcasters have invested in daily news podcasts, along with commercial publishers such as News Corp and The Times.

The daily news podcast has become a critical part of the news media landscape across Europe, providing audiences with essential information in a convenient and accessible form. While patterns of listening have been disrupted by the coronavirus lockdown, it appears that the trend for these on-demand news briefings is regaining momentum.

In this report, we take a country-based view of the growth of daily news podcasts, and hear from publishers about their motivations and strategies. We also look at a selection of examples from the last year, including some of the more recent launches. In addition, we examine the development of a number of major news platforms that have launched their own versions of these shows, as well as the increasing involvement of tech companies in this evolving genre.