Death of the Daily News

Daily News

The Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper founded in 1919 and the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format. It is currently owned by tronc, which purchased the paper for $1 in 2017. Its primary focus is New York City news and it produces hard-hitting journalism. The paper is known for sensational headlines and a high-quality photographic staff. It also covers celebrity gossip, classified ads and a sports section.

A large portion of the newspaper is dedicated to crime reporting, often focusing on high-profile cases and investigations. The paper also features investigative pieces on a variety of topics, including economics, education, health, and politics. The New York Daily News has a long tradition of supporting progressive causes and candidates, as well as the Democratic Party. In recent years, the Daily News has shifted its political leanings to a more moderate-to liberal bias, in contrast with the right-leaning New York Post.

Its current editorial stance is described by the New York Times as “flexibly centrist” with a legacy of conservative populism. However, it often veers to the left during presidential elections, and supported George W. Bush in 2008 and Barack Obama in 2016.

The New York Daily News is well regarded for its local coverage and its use of sensational headlines. Its reporters are known for their tenacity and dedication to covering stories that affect the community. The newspaper’s investigative work has also been praised. Unlike many other New York newspapers, the Daily News is not afraid to be critical of the Mayor’s office or the police department.

It is also known for its strong coverage of corruption in state government, and it has a long history of uncovering corrupt officials and scandals. In addition, it is a major source for information about the city’s finances and the economy. It has a high level of readership, with a wide range of ages and social class.

In a time when the future of local journalism is under threat, Death of the Daily News is a timely and informative book that provides clues to the way forward. It offers hope that, even in the most bleak of places, local news will survive.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive is the nation’s oldest college daily newspaper. Published every weekday during the academic year, it serves the Yale and New Haven communities. The newspaper is financially and editorially independent from the university. Its alumni have gone on to careers in journalism, law and public service. The Daily News is published in the historic New York City Daily News Building designed by architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood.

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