The Daily News at Yale University

Daily News

The Daily News is an American newspaper published in New York City since 1919. The paper is known for its sensational headlines and intense city news coverage. It also has celebrity gossip, classified ads, comics and a sports section. The newspaper was once one of the largest-circulation papers in the United States, but it has seen its circulation decline in recent years due to competition from other tabloids.

In addition to breaking news and feature stories, the Daily News also offers a number of online resources for students and teachers. The News’ website features a variety of articles, videos and quizzes on current events. The site is also home to the news organization’s daily newsletter, The Week. The newsletter provides a brief overview of the most important events in the world each day and is an excellent source for students looking for background information on current events.

Founded on January 28, 1878, the Yale Daily News is the oldest college daily newspaper in the country and remains editorially and financially independent of Yale University. The News publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year and serves the communities of Yale and New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to the Daily News, the News also publishes a Friday supplement called WKND, the Yale Daily News Magazine and several special issues each year such as the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue, Commencement Issue and First Year Issue.

For over a century, the Daily News has been at the forefront of defining modern journalism. The paper has reported on a wide variety of events, including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the sinking of the Titanic, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. The Daily News has also covered local news, politics and culture with stories, photos and commentary. The paper has won numerous awards for its reporting and has been named Pulitzer Prize winner on multiple occasions.

The Daily News has a long history of political activism. It was at the forefront of the anti-war movement in the United States, and has been active in campaign finance reform, AIDS awareness and the fight against poverty. It has also been involved in exposing corruption and indicting public officials. The newspaper has a long history of supporting liberal causes and candidates, and has been a strong supporter of the arts.

In the last few years, daily newspapers have been struggling to attract readers online. Many of the highest-circulation newspapers have reported declining print sales, while digital subscriptions have grown for many of the same publications. As a result, many publishers have stopped publishing print editions altogether or have reduced their publication schedule to one or two days a week. The Pew Research Center estimates average print and digital audience size for the top 50 daily newspapers in 2022 at 8.8 million monthly unique visitors. The total audience estimate includes both paid and unpaid digital subscriptions. The estimate does not include subscriptions from some major newspaper companies that do not publicly report their audience numbers, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.